How do you handle your companies sales leads?

Sales Leads are the life blood of any company, or distributed sales force. The challenge has always been: How do you instantly disseminate sales leads to the correct agent, and how are the leads handled for future reference? The answer is here! With our free system!

About Us

ABCsoftware is a division of ABCLeads the leader in internet driven sales leads. So much of the business of lead generation is based on software. At ABCLeads we have always created our own software applications for the generation and dissemination of sales leads. Starting in 1999, ABCLeads created a lead generation network and back end delivery system that is unrivaled for functionality and the user experience.

As our in house capabilities and skill grew we have expanded into applications in a variety of sectors and now offer several stock products as well as custom applications. All of our products are web based. We firmly believe this to be the dominant method for software applications that involve any sort of data handling. Traditional software, that is downloaded onto your machine is limited in terms of accessibility, reliability and stability.

If you are in need of a web based software application, please contact us.

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