How do you handle your companies sales leads?

Sales Leads are the life blood of any company, or distributed sales force. The challenge has always been; How do you instantly disseminate sales leads to the correct agent, and how are the leads handled for future reference, supervision, training, reporting and ROI calculations? The answer is here! With ABCSoftware, a web based lead dissemination and management system!

Highlights of the System

Instant Dissemination
Instantly disseminate leads to the correct sales agent from multiple sources, i.e. internet leads, mail leads, trade shows, call centers

Access Your Leads From Anywhere
Dealers/Sales Agents can access and manage leads from anywhere through password protected individual accounts at home, office or on the road

Management Tools to Study Dealer/Sales Agents Work Habits
Complete “Managerial” tools to control distribution, user access, and to review lead follow up, and sold ratio’s

Built In Contact Management System for Dealer/Sales Agent Use
Contact Management system available on-line for all Sales Agents to manage leads, including scheduling call backs and entering notes

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Web Based vs. Software – What’s the Difference?

  • With our web based system you do not purchase software which requires an upfront purchase, and additional monies for each user
  • The system is ready to use now! Simply start entering your leads
  • The data can be accessed from anywhere, office, home, on the road
  • Supervisors can log into master accounts and review sales agent lead follow up
  • The system is scalable – that means it can handle as many users as you want, there is no limit