Who is Sales Lead Management?

ABCLeads.com created this system and have been using it for over 3 years. We were amazed to find that most small companies were unorganized in terms of their lead dissemination. Most keep them in email which can easily be lost if something goes wrong with that computer. So we decided to open our system up for people who might find it useful.

About Us

Lead Contact Management (LCM) was created by ABCLeads, the industry leader in the generation and dissemination of real time sales leads. In becoming the authority in internet driven sales leads we have a vast amount of experience in web based systems to distribute, display and manage sales leads for large numbers of users.

We started in 1998 producing sales leads for the insurance industry and have continued to expand our product line ever since. With that came the necessity to create systems that would properly deliver thousands of leads instantly to the correct customer.

We have put that experience to use creating a scalable, cost effect system that we are now proud to offer commercially.