Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some of the most common questions people have about our system. If you do not see your question on this page or need more information about a question listed below, please contact our sales team.

Common Questions

Q. What is the cost?
A. None, the system is free for to use. We have created and offered this system as a promotional tool for our custom applications. The system is designed for a company with a multitude of sales persons, or for a distributed sales force model with nationwide reps. Leads are disseminated instantly to each rep that will have their own password protected account.

Q. What separates LCM from other services?
A. LCM was created by ABCLeads the industry leader in internet generated sales leads delivered in real time. No one knows more about the generation and dissemination of sales leads through web based systems than we do.

Q. Can I use the system with leads from multiple sources?
A. Yes, the system is set up to handle leads from a variety of sources.

Q. Our company has a web site and does some internet lead generation, can we import those as well.
A. Yes, in fact internet lead generation is our specialty; we will assist you in creating the proper forms.

Q. Is the system secure.
A. Yes we utilize Racksapce, the industry leader in managed hosting systems; there are no more secure facilities than those run by Rackspace.

Q. What will my dealers see, what will the log in area look like?
A. Your dealers, or sales agents will see a site that looks exactly as they would expect, it will have your company branding.

Q. How quickly are the leads that are generated sent?
A. All leads are instantly delivered to the proper dealer or agent, unless you choose to hold the leads and then manually assign them.

Q. What types of features does the system have for management?
A. The system was designed with management in mind. For example from a central pass word protected log in area, management can click one link and see all of the activity their sales agents entered on their sales leads. In addition sold ratios are easily visible. This promotes cross sharing of successful dealers with less successful ones.

Q. How difficult is the system to use, in our industry some of our dealers are not very computer savvy.
A. The system is extremely easy to use, in fact we have a great deal of experience in the home improvement and construction sectors which have not traditionally been computer rich. The system is simple, point and click; that’s it.

Q. how long will it take to have a system we can use?
A. You can create an entire system now, in just a few minutes!