What is included?

Below you'll find a full list of features. Also included are weekly backups of the database and all your important data. If you have any questions about the information below, please feel free to email our sales department. Also if you don't see a feature that you would like to see please take the time to email our features team.

System Features

  • Full contact management system for all leads, including ability to schedule call backs, enter notes, send e-mails; all tagged onto that lead
  • Your interface branded to match your company look
  • Password protected log in for each sales agent/dealer
  • Ability to enter leads into the system via forms on internet sites, call in centers, mailings, trade shows
  • Ability to have each lead tagged regarding source to calculate ROI
  • Ability for managerial personnel to review all lead activity from a central interface
  • Ability to have all leads instantly disseminated to the correct dealer/agent
  • Ability to report leads as sold for calculating ROI
  • Ability for dealers and management to utilize a “support ticket” system for communicating with managers or the home office
  • Ability for managerial personnel to post “New Messages” in each dealers/agents account log in area
  • Ability to track who reads all new messages
  • Ability for each dealer, as well as managerial personnel to control, each dealer/sales agents geographic area for the instant dissemination of leads
  • Ability for managerial personnel to place leads from selected geographic areas on hold, pending their review the lead can then be sent to whomever the manager chooses