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Floored by the piece rate wage floor? We've got you covered.

New minimum wage guarantee for pieceworkers

Employers must now record the hours worked by a pieceworker and the piece rates applied.  And the piece rate you set has to allow for the average competent worker to earn at least 15% above their minimum hourly rate.

Shook up by the piece rate shake up?

We have been in this business for 24 years and already deal with a wage floor for pieceworkers in New Zealand.  Our experience tells us your new legislation doesn’t mean the end of piece rates.

We know your business, and we care.

We know you’re worried about how to get this stuff done – on top of the hustle of harvest.  We know you’re stretched from pillar to post, you’re already dealing with:

  • Time pressure at harvest
  • A lack of visibility to productivity
  • Compliance and traceability requirements
  • Too many different systems for different things

How ABCgrower can help

It’s purpose-built cloud-based orchard management software for real-time information, operational efficiencies, and direct returns on your bottom line.

ABCgrower will help to:

  • Reduce your administration burden
  • Prevent double handling with easy digital timesheet recording
  • Provide instant visibility to productivity
  • Check your piece rate to ensure you meet your obligations 
  • Provide compliance-ready records
  • Auto calculate top up payments where pieceworkers do not meet minimum wage

ABCgrower Capabilities

ABCgrower is module based and you only pay for what you use. Here are ways it can help you meet your obligations.


  • Record timesheets for pieceworkers and waged staff.
  • Enter time clock records electronically with or without an internet connection.
  • Record intraday records to capture time pieceworkers spend on different tasks.
  • Auto calculation of worked time, less breaks.

worker analysis

  • View hours pieceworkers have been engaged on a task.
  • Set workers competency status.
  • Visibility to what your workers are earning and whether you are meeting your obligations under the new legislation.
  • See the effects of an adjustment to the piece rate.
  • Keep on top of your worker’s productivity.
  • Reproducible records for audit.

Minimum wage
auto calculation

  • Automatically calculates a worker’s average hourly rate and, if applicable, creates a top up value to bring the pay to the guaranteed minimum hourly rate.
  • A separate top up record is created for visibility and compliance. This can be passed to your payroll system.
  • Visibility to workers earnings and top up liability.

Piece rate alternative

  • The new legislation doesn’t mean the end of piece rates but if you no longer want to pay by piece, ABCgrower provides an alternative solution.
  • Collect data by piece for productivity and cost analysis.
  • Use the convert to hourly tool to pay an hourly rate.
  • Optionally pay a productivity bonus to encourage and reward high performance.
  • Bonus calculator includes a weighting tool to account for differences in required effort between block varieties.
  • If you choose to pay hourly you become liable for overtime and penalty rates according to the Australian Horticulture Award. ABCgrower takes care of the calculations.

Digital record keeping, have confidence in your data

  • Easy, accurate, digital time clock and labour recording at the level of detail you decide.
  • Flexible data entry methods, permission-based access, unlimited users.
  • Get instant visibility to productivity, labour and block costs.
  • Pieceworkers or permanents, piece rate or hourly, have confidence your pay information is spot on.

No internet? No problem

  • Offline capability allowing seamless use even without a data connection.
  • Collect information with the ABCgrower Mobile App and upload when you’re back in range.
  • Mobile responsive to work on any device.

Flexible and scalable

  • With ABCgrower you only pay for what you use.
  • Permission-based access with unlimited users on unlimited devices at no additional cost.
  • ABCgrower offers great flexibility to suit different farm sizes, produce types and business models.

The team behind ABCgrower

The highly experienced team at ABC know that to succeed in our business is to help you grow yours.  We’re on your team.

Our support is outstanding, we’re easy to access and we build long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

We have a proven track record and excellent references, some of which are below.

What Our Clients Say

"One of the key benefits we've gained from using ABCgrower is driving productivity by showing our workers what they've achieved in a day - it really incentivises them! We also have immediate visibility of unproductive workers and can take appropriate action. We see the results directly affecting our bottom line. We already pay a minimum wage to our workers. We can do this with a push of a button – it’s very easy with ABCgrower."
Wim van Niekerk
Managing Director, Widem Farming - ABCgrower customer

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