How to control the default ‘work date from’ date

Dating Tips 

‘Work Date From’ is a common filter in ABCgrower, like in Worker Activity Search for example.  It’s set to 3 months by default, but you have control over this.

Fancy a change? 

Go to Settings > Control and change the setting in Work Date Default.  To set the default to the current date leave the field blank.   Just be aware that this setting applies to all users across all searches, so check with the bill payer first!

Hey Aussie citrus growers, listen up!

Wim van Niekerk, Managing Director Widem Farming, has been invited by Citrus Australia to speak about ABC at the upcoming forum.  Wim already uses ABCgrower’s top up function to ensure pieceworkers are paid minimum wage, and the productivity information grower provides has meant big savings on the bottom line.  We are very appreciative to Wim and his team!