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Orchard management software – your harvest time tracking app and more

Welcome to ABCgrower, the innovative cloud-based orchard management software designed to optimise your on-farm labour.  With a host of tools, including harvest time tracking, inventory management, and non-harvest time and task capture, ABCgrower is designed to streamline your operations.

ABCgrower provides real-time information, giving operational efficiencies and direct returns to your bottom line. Reduce the admin, remove the paper, manage your labour.  Focus on your fruit and grow your profit with ABCgrower.

grower management

Our harvest time tracking software capabilities

Here at ABC Software, we understand the unique challenges faced by growers like you in the horticultural industry. Say goodbye to paperwork and administrative hassles. You’ll be able to record all labour, whether piecework or hourly, casual or permanent, employees or contractors.

You’ll be able to streamline labour management with our easy, accurate digital timesheet app. We provide you with real-time productivity insights to help you boost your bottom line. Discover how ABCgrower can revolutionise your business today.

Benefits and features of our cloud-based harvest software and digital timesheet

ABCgrower is a highly flexible system enabling you to capture information your way. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with our harvest time tracking app:

Harvest time tracking
  • Easy, accurate, digital time clock and labour recording at the level of detail you decide.
  • Get instant visibility with live productivity reporting.
  • Pieceworkers or permanents, piece rate or hourly, have confidence your pay information is spot on.
  • Enter information once, use it everywhere.
  • Comprehensive productivity and block cost reporting.
  • Maintain traceability for your produce from the orchard to cool store to packhouse.
  • Offline capability allows seamless use even without a data connection.
  • Collect information with the ABCgrower Mobile App and upload when you’re back in range.
  • Mobile responsive website to work on any device.
  • With ABCgrower you only pay for what you use.
  • Permission-based access with unlimited users on unlimited devices at no additional cost.
  • Fully flexible to fit your farm, your produce, your business.

ABCgrower Capabilities

Turn on what you need. Keep it simple.


  • Record all labour, whether piecework or hourly. Direct access to your information from your smartphone. Make effective, real-time decisions.
  • Generate and scan worker barcodes for fast, accurate recording.
  • Capture detailed in-field recording of harvest and non-harvest activities.
  • Efficient labour management and productivity insight.


  • Record piecework by any container: bag, bucket, bin, lug, crate, tray…
  • Have one or more pickers per container.
  • Generate unique container labels and keep track of your fruit.
  • Provenance of your produce.
  • Despatch from orchard to packhouse or coolstore.

Australian Horticulture Award

  • Electronic capture of time spent on a piece rate task. Meet record-keeping obligations.
  • See hours and set pieceworkers competent at piecework tasks.
  • Visibility to indivdual and average productivity.
  • See pieceworkers earned hourly rate versus entitlement. Check your piecerate.
  • Auto calculation of top up payments where pieceworkers fail to reach minimum wage.
  • Auto capture of records requiring penalty rates for work paid hourly.
  • Overtime Forecast Report to confidently forecast overtime hours.

Reports and Calculators

  • Block costs, productivity and inventory reporting.
  • Your data, your way. One-click output to spreadsheets for further insights.
  • Record by piece for productivity and traceability, use conversion tool to pay an hourly rate.
  • Productivity bonus calculation tool. Encourage and reward top performers.
  • Piece rate calculator.
  • Business Intelligence API for access to your data for use in your analytics platform, such as Microsoft Power BI.


  • Immediate insight into what your workers are earning. Analyse performance daily and take action.
  • Auto-calculation of minimum wage top ups and paid breaks where relevant.
  • Productivity bonus calculation tool. Encourage and reward top performers.
  • Pay run reports for you and your contractors.
  • Export to payroll systems.

Worker Allocation

  • Record thinning, pruning and other non-harvest piecework activities.
  • Allocate workers at row/bay level. Manage your crews. Get information-rich records.
  • Offline capability for on-orchard recording.
  • Visibility to completed rows/bays, those in progress and those still to be done. Anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • See history of who did what in each row/bay.


  • An ABCgrower add-on module for infield quality assessments.
  • Build your own templates to assess workers, harvested fruit, trees and more.
  • Track defects and make observations. Allows for immediate remedial action to improve performance and quality.
  • Show defects on your farm map. Enables effective and responsive quality management.

Onsite Log

  • An ABCgrower add-on module, Onsite Log is a digital record of who is on site.
  • Records GPS location, time and photo of worker at sign in and out for safety and security.
  • Show log ins on your farm map.
  • Set your own health and safety questions.
  • Visibility to contractor and visitor records.
  • Integrate with ABCgrower timesheets or use stand-alone.


  • Map your farm. Colour code varieties for easy reference.
  • Harvest heat map.
  • View map of your quality assessment defects.
  • GPS location of onsite log ins.


  • You create personal logins for each user.
  • You control what your users can see and do.
  • Supports two-step authorisation of timesheets.
  • Data security with Azure cloud.

Ensure Australian Horticulture Award Compliance

ABCgrower supports the time, task and piece rate record-keeping requirements of the Fair Work Ombudsman. Our software takes care of the calculations to ensure you are paying your piece workers’ minimum wage. You’ll get direct visibility to workers’ earnings and your top up liability. Top-ups are auto calculated and automatically applied where required, with separate records for complete transparency. 

Comprehensive reporting gives visibility to your pieceworkers’ productivity and competency. You’ll be able to manage your piece-rates with ease and have confidence that the rate you set meets the requirement for the average competent worker to be able to earn at least 15% above their minimum hourly rate.  Instantly access what your workers are earning and analyse performance daily.

ABCgrower supports requirements for waged staff, both casual and permanent. Our software’s strong reporting capabilities includes overtime forecasting for workers paid hourly. Robust verification alerts you to overtime obligations. Reproduce records for an audit in an instant. Have confidence you are meeting your Australian Horticulture Award obligations with ABCgrower.

Innovative record keeping for growers

Here at ABC Software, we’re dedicated to providing you with innovative orchard management solutions to help you streamline your operations.  Our highly experienced team knows that to succeed in our business is to help you grow yours.  Our support is outstanding, we’re easy to access and we build long-lasting relationships with all our clients. We have a proven track record and excellent references, some of which are below.

Experience the difference with an obligation-free, customised demo. Contact us today to find out more.

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