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Streamline & simplify with user friendly packhouse software

Track and trace your produce from receipting of bins, to assigning to grader batches, to palletising and despatch of orders. One packhouse management system gets the right produce to the right customer. Enter information once, use it everywhere and enjoy comprehensive reporting throughout the packing process. ABCpacker is tailor-fit to your produce types, your packshed, your business. 

More than just a tool, ABCpacker is a comprehensive solution that enhances the efficiency of your entire supply chain. With ABCpacker, you can ensure that every stage of your operations – from field to market – is managed effectively.

fruit packing software

Fine tune finance with integrated packhouse management

Financial transactions are an integral component of your business and our packhouse software. Enhance your packhouse’s overall performance by creating sales invoices, packhouse charges, purchase invoices and grower payments. Have ABCpacker take care of your paperwork including despatch notes and freight manifests. Boost operational performance and profitability in your pack shed today.

Benefits and features of our fruit packing software

At ABC Software, we believe in the transformative power of technology. Our packhouse software is an all-in-one solution designed to streamline and optimise your operations. Here are some of the benefits of our pack shed software solution:

One system to suit you
  • Increase automation in your packhouse by choosing one system from produce in to produce out.
  • Integrate with ABCgrower for enhanced efficiency.
  • Choose what you need such as packaging traceability and our quality module.
  • Reduce admin. Save time.
  • Consistent application of business rules throughout your process.
  • One-click traceability.
  • Enjoy the advantages of improved accuracy and increased efficiency by entering information once only.
  • Instant comprehensive reporting.
  • One system for your packhouse.
  • We build an on-premise solution to suit your packhouse, your produce, your business.
  • Permission-based access with user authentication.
  • Mobile friendly where you need it.

ABCpacker Modules

One solution for your packhouse

Bin Delivery

  • Simple receipting of bin deliveries.
  • Visibility to bin inventory with reporting functionality.
  • Integration with ABCgrower.

Grader Batch/Run

  • Supports unique barcoded labels for your cartons. Multiple formats and labelling options to suit your business. Human-readable and scannable.
  • Presizing with full visibility to presized inventory with traceability.
  • Grower-facing reporting for batch.
  • Summary reporting for variety and/or grade.


  • Ensure your produce meets your business rules.
  • Enter pallet tally on mobile device or scan unique-barcoded labels.
  • Receive offsite pallet consignments.
  • Visibility to pallet inventory with reporting functionality.


  • Create sales orders as per customer requests.
  • Auto upload of Woolworths and Coles purchase orders.
  • Easy selection of in-stock pallets to meet orders. Business rules ensure pallets are valid.
  • Auto creation of customer invoices.


  • Record despatch and freight leg data.
  • Business rules ensure correct pallets despatched.
  • Generate despatch notes, freight manifests, invoices and carrier dockets.
  • Supports customer returns, reselling and write-offs.
  • Caters for export.


  • Auto generate and email customer invoices and credit notes. Supports post-invoicing price changes.
  • Create packhouse charges and invoices.
  • Manage grower payments via pooling or grader batch payments.
  • Upload invoices and credit notes to your accounting system.


  • Bill of materials for packed products.
  • Packaging inventory management, auto reduction on usage, and stock on hand reporting.
  • Packaging traceability.
  • Locate packaging using scanners.


  • Use defined templates. Assess bins, packing lines, packed cartons, waste.
  • Record brix, temperature, colour, firmness, size.
  • Set tolerances for auto pass/fail and instant visibility to assessments.
  • Waste analysis included in grader batch packout report.
  • Assessment reports with photos.
  • Mobile friendly, allows you to go to the fruit.


  • Data rich. Information rich.
  • Flexible filtering allows for ease of targeting and reporting specific data.
  • Business rules applied throughout ABCpacker ensures data accuracy.
  • Your data, your way. Output to spreadsheets for further data manipulation.


  • You create unique logins for each user.
  • You control what your users can see and do.
  • Visibility to data change history.

Carton labelling. Pallet labelling. Packaging traceability.

As an integral component of our packhouse software, labelling plays a crucial role in enhancing your packhouse’s overall performance. Our software ensures precise carton labelling and pallet labelling where you need it, eliminating errors and reducing wastage.

ABC Software recognises the importance of packaging inventory management to the efficient operation of your business, which is why we offer a packaging inventory module with ABCpacker. 

Your partner in fruit packing software

Here at ABC, we understand the unique challenges faced by growers and packers in the horticultural industry. That’s why we’ve developed comprehensive packhouse software that integrates all aspects of pack shed management, from carton labelling to grower payments, fruit quality monitoring, and more.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best fruit packing software that caters to your specific needs, ensuring you stay ahead in this competitive industry. Experience the future of packhouse management with ABCpacker today. Contact us for an obligation-free, customised demo.

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