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ABCspray - comprehensive online agrichemical record-keeping

Whether it’s spray, fertigation, or dry applications, ABCspray provides the ultimate solution for all your agrichemical record-keeping needs. Our user-friendly platform allows you to create, schedule, and assign tasks with ease. 

Simplify and streamline as ABCspray takes care of rate calculations, threshold warnings and nutrient totals. With ABCspray you’ll have comprehensive, reproducible, compliance-ready records always at hand. Embrace the convenience of clear, mobile-friendly instructions and take your spray diary online with ABCspray.

agrichemical record keeping

Simplify agrichemical record keeping with your all-in-one electronic spray diary

ABCspray comes inclusive of a consumables inventory management module – at no extra cost. Manage your chemicals and other items of value with ease. Record deliveries, usage and stock takes, across multiple storage locations.

ABCspray is available standalone or integrate with ABCgrower and enjoy additional benefits such as chemical costs by block. Benefit from one system and ABC Software’s responsive customer care.

Benefits and features of our agrichemical record keeping solution

Run your spray your way. At ABC Software we provide the tools and you record information to the level of detail you decide.  Here are some of the benefits of our spray diary and chemical inventory management solution:

Calculations made simple
  • ABCspray takes care of all your agrichemical calculations making it a breeze to build instructions.
  • Save time and effort and increase accuracy.
  • From amounts of chemicals, number of tanks to applied nutrients and withholding dates, information is all available in an instant.
  • Gain full visibility to the chemicals applied, where and when.
  • Visibility to earliest harvest date whenever you need it.
  • Reproducible records at your fingertips for compliance, including Globalgap, Freshcare and CropSure.
  • Manage your inventory with ease using our efficient system. 
  • Keep track of your chemicals as well as any other stock items. 
  • Enjoy the convenience of automatic stock reduction across multiple storage locations.
  • Optimise your agrichemical operations in one easy-to-use system.
  • Integrate with ABCgrower for your labour and cost records in one easy-to-use system. 
  • Access all your essential records in one app, putting everything within reach.

ABCspray Capabilities

One digital diary for all agrichemical applications

Spray, Dry, Fertigation

  • Create instructions specific to application type.
  • Save sprayer calibrations.
  • Auto calculation of required kilograms per minute for dry/solid chemical applications.
  • Hold fertigation valve/block configuration for quick selection.

Application Instructions

  • View and record application information on any device with internet connection.
  • Group blocks commonly treated together for quick selection.
  • Printable application instructions for manual check off.
  • Instant visibility to nutrient quantities from prior applications when creating instructions.

Thresholds and Warnings

  • Supports produce type and market specific thresholds. Set withholding periods, maximum applications, minimum and repeat by periods.
  • Set warnings, application and safety information and show on instructions.
  • Maintain a database of chemicals you use. Hold rates, targets, active ingredients, costs, nutrients and more.
  • Highlight variances between planned and actual usages.

Reporting and Compliance

  • Sprayed blocks report to see what chemicals were applied, where and when.
  • Visibility to chemical contribution to block costs.
  • Up-to-date withholding dates report at your fingertips.
  • Publish application instructions for compliance.
  • Printable records.

Nutrient Analysis

  • In-depth report shows what you’ve applied where and when.
  • View season totals.
  • Quick links to contributing applications and data export for further analysis.

Consumables Management

  • Management of chemicals and other stock items over multiple storage locations.
  • Record manufacturers batch references.
  • Receipt inwards goods, track usage and make adjustments.
  • Automatic stock reduction on agrichemical application completion.
  • Carry out stock takes directly on your device.

Transform your operations with our spray diary software

Ditch the paper and get accurate, complete and timely information.  With ABCspray you can enter or access data anywhere on any device with an internet connection – enter it once only and use it everywhere. Enjoy the convenience of having your agrochemical records stored in the cloud; safe, secure and reproducible at the click of a button.

Like all our products, ABCspray offers the flexibility to do your agrichemical record-keeping your way. It has a host of additional features such as block groups for easy selection and the ability to copy existing instructions.

Innovative solutions you can trust

ABCspray offers an integrated and versatile solution for modern growers seeking to enhance their spray diary management, agrichemical record-keeping and chemical inventory management. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, ABCspray is your one stop spray diary software that also caters for fertiliser applications and fertigation.

Embrace the future of agricultural technology with ABCspray and revolutionise the way you manage your agrichemicals and farm operations. Take advantage of our obligation-free, customised demo.  Contact us today.

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