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One digital diary for all your agrichemical applications

Spray. Fertigation. Dry application … However you apply agrichemicals, ABCspray has got you covered.  Create, schedule and assign tasks with ease.  Have confidence in compliance with auto-calculation of rates, threshold warnings and nutrient totals.  Clear, mobile-friendly instructions.  Take your spray diary online with ABCspray.

Benefits and Features

Takes care of your calculations

  • Visibility to what chemicals were applied where and when.
  • Track nutrients on your blocks and see your chemical costs.
  • Compliance-ready records always on hand.
  • Inventory management system.
  • Keep track of your chemicals.  And any stock item; posts, bins, seeds…anything.
  • Supports multiple storage locations and auto stock reduction.
  • ABCspray is available stand-alone or as an ABCgrower module.
  • Integrate your labour and cost records in one easy-to-use system.
  • All records in one app, everything within reach.

ABCspray Capabilities

One digital diary for all agrichemical applications

Spray, Dry, Fertigation

  • Create instructions specific to application type.
  • Save sprayer calibrations.
  • Auto calculation of required kilograms per minute for dry/solid chemical applications.
  • Hold fertigation valve/block configuration for quick selection.

Application Instructions

  • View and record application information on any device with internet connection.
  • Group blocks commonly treated together for quick selection.
  • Printable application instructions for manual check off.
  • Instant visibility to nutrient quantities from prior applications when creating instructions.

Thresholds and Warnings

  • Supports produce type and market specific thresholds. Set withholding periods, maximum applications, minimum and repeat by periods.
  • Set warnings, application and safety information and show on instructions.
  • Maintain a database of chemicals you use. Hold rates, targets, active ingredients, costs, nutrients and more.
  • Highlight variances between planned and actual usages.

Reporting and Compliance

  • Sprayed blocks report to see what chemicals were applied, where and when.
  • Visibility to chemical contribution to block costs.
  • Up-to-date withholding dates report at your fingertips.
  • Publish application instructions for compliance.
  • Printable records.

Nutrient Analysis

  • In-depth report shows what you’ve applied where and when.
  • View season totals.
  • Quick links to contributing applications and data export for further analysis.

Consumables Management

  • Management of chemicals and other stock items over multiple storage locations.
  • Record manufacturers batch references.
  • Receipt inwards goods, track usage and make adjustments.
  • Automatic stock reduction on agrichemical application completion.
  • Carry out stock takes directly on your device.

Case Studies

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