Warnings that prevent creation of a pay run

Pay day…panic!!!

You’ve Authorised your records, checked them twice, Create the Pay Run aaaaaand….Warning!!!!  

Open Work Activities exist and have been excluded

When creating a Pay Run ABCgrower looks for all Open records up to the Pay Run end date.  Top tip!  When searching Work Activity for the open records to fix, authorise or delete, don’t enter a ‘Work Date From’ in case there’s some erroneous data from way back.  We’ve seen records entered as birth years, typos where 2021 was recorded as 2012 and so on!   

There are timesheet records with no work activity in this section

Still can’t see them?  If your User profile is Restricted to a Grower (see Settings > User) you will not see timesheet records with no work activity.  You can change this if it suits your organisation to do so.

There are employees with an hourly rate less than the minimum rate of 25.41

This is warning you that there are records less than the minimum rate set for your organisation.  And, it’s just a warning – you should check your records are correct but this one won’t prevent you from creating a Pay Run (…phew!).