How to pin the main menu to always have it visible

It’s the little things that are the cherry on top

When you open the main menu in ABCgrower you can click the pin icon to always have it visible.  The main pane will resize to suit.

You can open multiple tabs

This is especially handy if you’re part way through entering information and want to check something.  Rather than navigating away from where you are and losing the information, open the menu, right click on the item you want and select Open link in a new tab. Now, you can go back and forth between tabs, no problem!

How to ensure you have the latest changes

We listen when you tell us what you need and we're constantly improving your software.

The magic formula

After a release it is good practice to press Ctrl+Shift+R on your keyboard.  This ‘hard reset’ clears the cache, making for smooth sailing ahead.

How do I know what’s new?

Ahead of changes being made we pop a notice up on the home page to say that ABCgrower will be briefly unavailable very early in the morning while the developers work their magic.

Then we add Release Notes that tell you what we’ve been up to.  A number on the bell icon indicates unread notifications.

Click on the bell to see a list of notifications. Then click on a notification to open the Release Notes. This is where we share the update news.

How to inactivate workers

Heading into harvest often means a new bunch of pickers. It's easy to 'deactivate' last seasons pickers in ABCgrower and start afresh.


Marking workers as ‘inactive’ means you’ll no longer see them in lists, so you won’t have to scroll through all the departed workers to find your current team members.  All records are retained and you can always choose to see inactive workers.


  1. Chose Worker from the Worker menu.
  2. Use the filters if necessary and [Search] for Workers.
  3. Click the [Bulk Update] button.
  4. Tick the Deactivate checkbox.
  5. Select the workers from the list by ticking Select All/and or clicking on individual workers.
  6. Click [Save].