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Staging tables – how the data gets from the app to the website

Missing Records?

Where are they?

When you collect information on the ABCgrower mobile App and upload it to the website, the data is passed through staging tables where the records are checked for errors before they are passed to the relevant data tables.  If any records are in error the uploaded batch is held in the staging table.  Examples include double scanning of a unique bin number and scanning a worker who has been marked inactive. 

How do I see them?

The staging tables are on the relevant menu, for example Picking Staging is on the Activity menu and Worker Time Staging is on the Worker menu.  Staging tables are permission based so you need to have the relevant role assigned to your user profile to see them.

What do I do with them?

Records are automatically processed every few minutes.  If you’re super speedy and find records in a staging table, and none are in error, click [Re-process] to push them through (in this case all records will show in red, but there will be no error messages).

If there are records in error there will be a message to tell you what’s wrong.   You can delete a record by clicking the adjacent rubbish bin icon.  Then you can click [Re-process] to push any remaining records through (or wait for them to auto-process).  Remember to re-enter the corrected record via the the appropriate page (e.g. Activity > Worker Activity) if necessary.

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