Welcome to ABCsoftware, providers of custom web based software applications.

ABCsoftware began as a division of ABCLeads, the leaders in on line lead generation and dissemination. As pioneers in this field we were required to create new and unique web based applications ourselves that would provide thousands of users with an effortless user experience. From that we have grown into experts in web based software development.


We've recently had an influx of calls from people asking us to remove the software from personal computers. Our software is web based and is not installed on any computer. This is actually part of a virus that is completely unrelated to us. After some digging we found that the domain is abcsoftwarepayments.com their site is hosted in Germany and the domain says it belongs to a Erasmo Barnett (erasmobarnett@gmail.com) at 2992 Armbrester Drive in El Segundo California 90245.

We'd like to say again we have nothing to do with ANY software installed on your PC, we only deal in web based solutions. You may want to get some anti-virus software and see if that'll remove this malicious program. Some highly ranked free anti-virus protection programs are Spybot Search and Destroy and AVG.

Let ABC Software help you realize your web based solutions.

What separates us from the competition? We know what its like to need a system that will meet your needs and those of your customers. So many development companies only see your needs through the eyes of developers, not as users beholden to the system.

Why web based?

Total Access
We are steadfast believers that web based software systems will eventually overtake traditional software that is downloaded onto your computer. With a web based system you, or your work force, can access the system from anywhere. Whether it be sales men on the road, or a work from home situation, a web based system is available from any where 24 hours per day.

With a web based system you pay for one system and know your costs. With traditional software each time you wish to add a worker you’re faced with purchasing a license in order to download the software onto that machine. With a web based system as many workers as desired can use the system, all at once.

A web based system sits on servers that are watched over by companies that are experts in their field. Off site, dedicated servers protect you from disaster with firewalls keeping out hackers and security risks. Your data is regularly backed up and cannot be lost. Running an entire business on a personal computer is risky. Natural disasters such as fire or flood are completely avoided

Let us help you grow your business with a web based application!