5 Reasons to move your QA/QC online

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You know the value of problem detection and prevention to your business. ABCquality offers a straightforward solution to standardise, record and retrieve your quality records, pen and paper not required!

Reduced errors

Pen and paper means handwriting, and handwriting is not always legible. It also means transcription errors if the information has to be entered into a spreadsheet, a report, or any type of system.

You might be thinking ‘I already use software, I have spreadsheets!’ Spreadsheets might be designed for data but they’re not a particularly good tool for the requirements of checklists and assessments. They are also prone to user error.

A good online Quality system will allow you to set data entry fields as mandatory or optional, to ensure all vital information is collected. Further, it should allow you to determine how that information is input, for example, choosing from a pre-defined list of answers, or entering a date in a consistent format for no ambiguity.

Increased efficiencies

Using a software system also means calculations can be done for you, saving time, and again, reducing the chances of error. A good system should be able to show summary statistics, or calculate whether an assessment has passed or failed based on your pre-set criteria.

An online system should support multiple users working on the same checklist or assessment, without merging or saving issues that even online spreadsheets are susceptible to. A good online system should allow multiple people to be working on the same assessment or checklist at the same time, without having to rely on the previous person to complete their task first. Improve consistency by having ready access to reference photos and allow your team to record photographic evidence of defects.

The earlier an issue is identified the earlier it can be rectified, and a rapid response is vital to avoid costly mistakes that can quickly snowball. An online system should allow you to see information as it’s recorded, which allows a proactive response, rather than a post-production approach.


Another reason to move your QA/QC requirements to an online system is the advantages of integration. In the packhouse, for example, packing batches, bins and cartons should be able to be fed into your quality system, allowing your team to choose from a list. Be more streamlined, more efficient, with less errors. ABCquality, for example, can be integrated with any system for auto-inputs, like an ERP or manufacturing system.


Using a cloud-based system means your data is stored securely in the cloud. And this means you have immediate access at anytime from anywhere, all that is required is a device with an internet connection. A good system should be user-friendly no matter the device, resizing to your screen, from a desktop to a phone.

A mobile-friendly online system means your team can take the device to what is being assessed, for example a tablet to a bin of produce. The assessment can be viewed from anywhere the moment it is recorded, for example a manager on their laptop.

Storage and retrieval

A significant but often over-looked cost of pen and paper is storage and retrieval of your quality documents. Your paperwork must be kept for a certain period and even with the best filing system this means the need for storage space and organised personnel. Having your data stored in the cloud negates physical storage requirements. Furthermore, the records are always backed up and never get lost.

Lastly, is the accessibility of retrieving information. The memory of trying to find a particular piece of paper to meet an audit or address an issue sends shivers down the spine of many!


Efficient, effective problem detection and prevention is vital to your business. Pen and paper might seem the cheap option, but what is it costing your business? Moving your QA/QC online means less mistakes, consistency of information collected, and faster analysis. It allows a proactive response to issues that do arise, and proof of compliance with ease. Contact ABC Software to learn more about how ABCquality could add value to your business.